Buche de Noel, page 86


Since my DH does not like cinnamon I did not use cinnamon but did put extra vanilla.

This was not difficult but allot of work.   It took over most of my afternoon.  I did this Buche de Noel in one go.  I think that I took the cake too quickly out of the oven it looked raw when I rolled it up as you can see in this photo:


If you know of another reason why it turned out like this then please let me know so I will do a better job next time.

The filling was butter and cream cheese, The cheese was not the best of quality since when I mixed these two ingredients together the filling curdled all up.

I did the whole frosting and had a lot left over half the recipe would have been just fine.

I put all the pecans as decoration since my mom does not like nuts so she could just take them off.

I did not have any problems rolling the cake and the frosting is very forgiving.

Over all a very  good cake not difficult but time consuming.  Would like to make it again but more traditional.


10 thoughts on “Buche de Noel, page 86

  1. margretjohanna

    I baked the cake for about 12min. I find that Dorie has the oven a bit too high and bakes for a bit too long for my taste so I thought 12 min would do. My cake was way lighter in color than hers on the video. I should have watched it before I baked the cake right! The video was always stopping so I just did not have the patience, and also the cake was in the oven as I was trying to watch. My oven is too small for an 17inc baking pan, it takes about 15inc. Thank you for responding to my problem and have a happy holiday.


  2. Zosia

    If your eggs weren’t whipped enough or if the batter was deflated, the texture of the cake wouldn’t rise much and would be a little rubbery. Was it like that?. Regardless, it looks very nice and I’m sure it tasted delicious!


  3. goldenlifephx

    I’m sure this tasted great-your batter probably just deflated a bit. Sometimes the curdling issue can come from the butter and cream cheese not being soft/warmed up enough. Luckily this is a very forgiving cake and your end result still looked great.


  4. Margaret

    I know, so time-consuming, right? It took me half a day to make from start to finish and then I was tired! But your buche looks delicious! I hope your mom and the DH enjoyed it!



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