Twenty-minute honey-glaced duck breasts and other things


Just before Christmas I invited my mom, dad and brother to dinner.  I found frozen duck breasts at a barging.  I had never cooked duck before so this was a first.  I looked for a recipe in AMFT and found one on page 229.  As a side dish I did Broth-Braised Potatoes page 358, I wanted to make the Endives apples and grapes but could not find any Endives.  I simply love lentils and also made the french lentils on page 367.  Since frenchfridayswithdorie was making orange and olive salad I made that as well on page 117.

I did not taste so much the broth on the potatoes found it to be a bit of a fuss.  The orange salad was a great surprise and went very well with the duck.  I have made the lentils many times.  They are given to school children at the cantine at least once a week.  The lentils are full of iron.

This was a very good meal and I will do the duck breasts again if I find them at a good price.




One thought on “Twenty-minute honey-glaced duck breasts and other things

  1. Diane Zwang

    You and I had similar experiences with this meal. I am glad that I am not the only one that thought the potatoes lacked flavor. I am going to try her other duck recipes too.



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