Granola Energy bars page 328



Easy and straight forward. I did look for the brown rice syrup. We do not have this kind in Iceland. No problem finding agave syrup but I did not think it was thick enough. So I used my favorite syrup, the one I grew up with. Lyle’s golden syrup or the lion syrup as we used to call it when I was growing up. In the bars I used almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, raisins, apricots and shredded a coco nut unsweetened. I also put 100gr dark chocolate but that all melted when I poured the hot syrup in. This tasted very good and I will make this again as a snack for the kids.  After 24hrs there was noting left!

If you want to see that other members of tuesdays with Julia did go see at this web side.


16 thoughts on “Granola Energy bars page 328

  1. Cher

    I think I would have liked these even better with Lyle’s (that stuff is addictive). The chocolate would have been very tasty too! Good thinking.


  2. Ei

    I’m impressed that yours were gone in 24 hours. I made mine a week ago, and I still have some in the house. We all liked them, but I seem to be the only one in the house who has had more than one. I think Lyle’s would taste great in these.


  3. Katrina Scott Smith

    Lyle’s is a perfect substitute. I used honey after trying them first with brown rice syrup. Just like the flavor of honey better. Sticky is sticky, right. I’m enjoying them. I dipped mine in melted chocolate.


  4. Cakelaw

    I think golden syrup would have been delish in these. I had never heard of rice syrup before now and was surprised to find it, but I had to go to a health food shop and it was quite expensive. Golden syrup will be a cheaper and more readily available option for next time.


  5. Rachelle

    We didn’t have brown rice syrup either (we live in a small rural town) but we had honey from our neighbors and it worked! I do like your idea of melting a bar of chocolate in these. I added chocolate chips at my 11 year olds request so there was a little treat mixed in. There are so many possibilities!



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