Marquise au chocolat page 357 and other things

I just wanted to show you my ingredients for the Marquise au Chololat;


Butter, smjör, cream, rjómi, Danish sugar, brown eggs and chocolate from Nói Siríus.


And into the freezer:


I made the Créme Anglaise on page 441 and bonne idée Hard Crack Chocolate Sauce page 445.  So in the end I had all these extra egg whites we are talking 10 all toegether.   These were excelent sauces, next time I will use better quality coconut oil.

Et voila:

Sow what to do with all these egg whites?  Why not make a Croqants from AMFT page 410?  I made these with pistachios.  So now I have 6 egg yolks to go.


This was a very rich desert with chocolate, heavy cream, butter and egg yolks.  I did not give the egg yolks another thought just made and ate.  This would be an excelent Valentin’s day desert.

To see what the others did go to


13 thoughts on “Marquise au chocolat page 357 and other things

  1. Kayte

    It looks lovely…you have such a way with photos and those flowers are just the right touch, so pretty. I love seeing packaging, such fun to see what others cook/bake with, thanks for sharing that!


  2. Zosia

    I also served this with Dorie’s creme anglais and thought it delicious too. I’d love to try the hard crack sauce… looks like a great addition to this dessert.



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