Lemon Madeleines page 212

They were easy to make. The harder thing was the resting time. I just wanted them in the oven asap. They’re very delicious. My pan is for 9 Madeleines so I made 18.  I scraped the bowl clean. I didn’t glaze them I just could not wait any more to taste them. As you can see they turned out great. They had the hump. I have done Madeleines before with out all this resting time and it turned out fine.  I have seen a video of Julia Child making Madeleines and hers did not have the hump. When we go to visit my mother in law in France she always makes sure to have plenty of Madeleines for my two boys age 8 and 10.  They just love them.  I like the lemon touch in this recipe I have not done that before, only plain vanilla. This one is a keeper.  I ajusted the oven and had it on 200°C 392°F not 205°C 400°F.  That was the only thing that I changed.

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21 thoughts on “Lemon Madeleines page 212

      1. alisahuntsman

        As a professional pastry chef, I try all kinds of things that most people would think are unusual or even unthinkable. Garam Masala is a spice blend consisting of many spices commonly used in spice cakes and a few that aren’t but in small quantities can add a lot of flavor and perhaps a little warmth. Give it a shot sometime, you might just be surprised in a good way!


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