Crispy -Topped Brown Suger Bars page 324

I made the Caramelized Rice Krispies on page 428. It was not easy scraping the caramelized Rice Krispies to a lined baking sheet and spreading it out to a single layer. Everything just wanted to be glued together in a bundle. I think I did ok though.


I went on a Valrhona chocolate spree.  The big bag is 3 kg or  6,61lb.  I used the GUANAJA here.

The end result. We had this with vanilla ice cream and Hot or cold salted caramel sauce on page 447. It all  went very well with the kids.  I would do this again and lower the heat of the oven from 375Fto 350F and maybe bake for less than 22 min.  This was very crispy, nothing smooth about it and it was hard to cut.  DH loved it, I would bake this again as a treat with coffee.


Tuesdays with Dorie is an online baking group. We are making our way through Baking Chez Moi, by Dorie Greenspan.

We have been asked not to post the recipes. I recomend you buy the book.
You can check out my fellow bakers results by clicking here for a list of their links.

13 thoughts on “Crispy -Topped Brown Suger Bars page 324

  1. Sharron

    I thought these were a nice sweet treat. Definitely have to watch the cookie layer though, if going for the “chewy” texture Dorie describes. I have no idea how she got that considering the time/temp she put on the recipe! A mystery. But the cookies were divine anyway!


  2. Amy

    It looks like you did great spreading out the Rice Krispies. I’m jealous of the fine chocolate you used. (I cooked mine for 17 minutes at 350 and found that the right timing for my oven.)


  3. Diane Zwang

    My husband loved them also with ice cream. I thought they were too sweet to go with ice cream. You are right on the cooking times. I must remember this for future recipes.


  4. Zosia

    Look at all of that beautiful chocolate! My family would have loved these with ice cream and caramel sauce… all they got was a glass of milk! You asked me on my blog about my baking time; I baked them for 20 min at 375F but my oven doesn’t brown things very well.



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