Limoncello Cupcakes page 194

Yes this is another miniature.  My DH was given this Limoncello miniature when he was in Italy.  Very convenient.  I´m not even sure we have this in Iceland.  I would not mind a bottle of Limoncello over Campari any day.

 Some of the ingredients and the picture perfect cupcakes I aimed for.


This is what came out of the oven.  Looks nothing like the picture in the book.  They reminded me of sea monsters coming out of the ocean or other kind of monsters sticking their tongue out at me.

Here is the top view:


The frosting was too dry and would not come out of the open star tube, just no way.

The cup cakes tasted good, this is the first time I make a cake with greek yogurt.  My DH found them too dry and my dad who has a very sweet tooth only ate the top (my favorite as well) .  If I was to do these again I would cut down the sugar of the frosting to a cup and a half.  I did not use the orange marmalade, just made them plain.  The miniature was just enough not a drop left.


18 thoughts on “Limoncello Cupcakes page 194

    1. Margrèt Jóhanna Post author

      I’m going to be known as miniature Margrèt and I’m not that tall either. Ha ha. I liked them a lot eat most of them. The frosting was too dry I should have added more lemon juice.


  1. Diane Zwang

    My cupcakes looked exactly like yours when they came out of the oven. Maybe it was the orange marmalade that made them look like monsters. I used the frosting to cover up the mistakes. Sounds like your frosting just needed more liquid.

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  2. kevnkoi

    I love your funky cupcakes. I always wonder why in the world that happens. A bit of milk in the frosting could do the trick, too, if you didn’t want to add more lemon. Katrina, Baking and Boys!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. meagan | baking in bawlmer

    Oh my, those are sea monsters sticking their tongues out. How cheeky! I had the opposite problem from you because my icing was too think (but perhaps it is because when I turned my hand mixer on half of my powder sugar blew all over my counter top!).


  4. isthisakeeper

    I love that you showed your sea monster cupcakes with the picture in the cookbook!! Things don’t always go as planned! 🙂 Thank goodness this one could be covered up with frosting!!


  5. Ryan

    What’s that saying? “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

    I lol’d when I read your description of the cupcakes as some sort of monster sticking its tongue out at you.

    Liked by 1 person


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