Pork roast with mangoes and lychees page 278

I´m not fan of pork and this is the second time I make pork.  First time was fresh orange pork tenderloin on page 273.  I totally over cooked that one.  So I was very careful this time arround.  I did not know wat pork loin was and neither did the meat guy at the supermarket.  He was very young and when I asked him what cut was the loin he said he was not there yet in his studies on becoming a butcher.  Not much help.  When I walked past the pork section I saw something that looked like the loins I saw on the screen when I googled so I bought 2 pounds of that and half a pound of tender loin.  I was expecting my brother over so better safe than sorry.

I found canned lychee at the Asian marked and was very pleased.  I made the recipe to the letter.  I checked the meat at the half an hour mark and it was ready then I made it rest for at least 10 min.  I cooked the tenderloin for maybe 20 min. and it rested for only 5 min.  would have been better if it would have rested a bit more but no harm done.


       I also made the riz pilaf on page 382, I have made that a few times and it is always a hit.

My DH cut the pork for me and we put it back in the Dutch oven.  You can see the loin and the tender loin. The sauce with this pork is very delicious and everyone loved it even me, I had two servings.  I also made some nan bread for the kids in case the sauce was too hot for them but there was no need.

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