Coconut Tapioca page 382 and Spiced Hibiscus Syrup page 450

I remember having tapioca when I was a kid back in the 70s and early 80s.  We call them sago rice and they came from Denmark.  When I was a kid my mom would make a sago rice pudding, with whole milk one litre to 80 gr. of sago.  We would have it warm with cinnamon sugar.  Then it just went out of style.  I went to all the store I could think of looking for sago but with no luck.  I told my mom and she said oh I have one bag at the house.  I do no know when it was packed but the best before was 11.11.15, so I was saved.

I made the Spiced Hibiscus Syrup with it.  I did not have time for the spiced pineapple but will do that one day.  I had some problems finding Hibiscus but then Dorie talks about using tea bags and I found some with wild berries and Hibiscus.


At the back of the packing they said nothing about soaking the rice so I did not do that.  Also the sago are rather small so I only cooked them for 10 min.  like they say on the packaging and it was just perfect.  These sago rice are made out of potato starch.


This was easy to make and fast.  The family had mixed reviews.  DH thought it tasted like riz a l’amande, the kids found it strange to the touch and were not too keen.  My oldest JT thought it was the best dessert I ever made.  I loved this dessert, it took me back a few years say about 40 yrs.  This is better than with only whole milk and salt like I used to have it whan I was a kid.

17 thoughts on “Coconut Tapioca page 382 and Spiced Hibiscus Syrup page 450

  1. norwegianne

    Sago and tapioca is not the same, although they look very similar (having grown up with sago porridge…) – the tapioca needs to soak whereas the sago doesn’t.


  2. Zosia

    Thank goodness for your Mum’s pantry! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I especially liked it with the hibiscus syrup (once the lemon juice was added to cut the sweetness)



    I also used to drink Wild Berry Zinger….a very long time ago! Yours looks lovely…glad you enjoyed it! I added toasted coconut to the top of mine! We love tapioca in our house…this was a winner!


  4. Nana

    It looks so pretty with the syrup, glad you enjoyed this. It was a hit in
    our house, but than again, that is one of my husband’s favorite dessert.


  5. Diane Zwang

    Yea for Moms! My kid did not like this one either. We ate it cooled and it was just too gelatinous. I am looking forward to tinkering with the recipe as I have a big bag of tapioca.



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