Cheesecake tart page 469

I was rather skeptical when I saw cottage cheese.  But after a spin in the food processor with sour cream it was all perfectly smooth and I´m OK with that.
I used raisins but I would like to try cranberries next time.
  Here you can see the cottage cheese draining in coffee bags.  We do not have fromage blanc and I did not have time to make it from scratch.
I pre-baked the tart shell on 350°F I find that 400°F is way to high and and then when you bake the tart filing the brims get almost burn.  


I think I over baked the tart though, it became rather dark and not all that good looking but after a dust of confectioner’s sugar it looked just great.

We had some Armagnac with the tart and it was just perfect.

We all loved this tart it was easy to make and very delicious.  This is a keeper.

3 thoughts on “Cheesecake tart page 469

  1. Diane Zwang

    Glad you liked this tart. I just took mine out of the oven. I baked mine for 45 minutes. I have learned that Dorie’s cooking times tend to be too long. I will get my post up later tonight after we eat it:)



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