Rhubarb Upside-Down Brown Sugar Cake page 24

We have not been very lucky with the weather this season.  It has been very cold so spring has not sprung yet as you can see. So there is no rhubarb until July, therefore I didn’t do this week’s assignment.   My son turned 8 on May 18th and I had a family gathering in his honor. I did the classic fruit tart on page 151 since we import strawberries and blueberries and all sorts of other fruits. Very delicious. I also did some other cakes. Ottolenghi’s cauliflower cake.  I have done this one before and also a very good salat with baby spinach, almonds and rosted pita bread.  Fruit platter

I also had a cheese platter, pavlova and a french chocolate cake.  I did the tuna rillettes on page 28 and black olive tapenade page 487 in AMFT.  I have done the tuna rillettes before and love it.  Everyone loved this and I got a lot of compliments on my cooking and baking.

13 thoughts on “Rhubarb Upside-Down Brown Sugar Cake page 24

  1. goldenlifephx

    I was wondering if everyone would be able to find rhubarb since it’s in season in Phoenix right now and we tend to be a little off from everyone else. The tart you did make looks beautiful.

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  2. Zosia

    Wow! One gorgeous plate of food after another. Everything looks so delicious! I’m an Ottolenghi fan and the cauliflower cake and spinach salad are among my favourite recipes

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      1. Zosia

        So many I don’t know where to start! From Jerusalem, Basic hummus (so smooth and silky), pickled lemons (excellent with fish or in place of preserved lemons in a pinch), charred okra, balilah, burnt eggplant soup, chicken with caramelized onions and rice, turkey and zucchini burgers, semolina-coconut, and krantz cakes. I haven’t cooked much from plenty more but the tomato-pomegranate salad, Thai red lentil soup and baked orzo with mozzarella are particularly good (so far!).

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