French Fridays with Dorie

I got to know Dorie through Julia Child and I got to know Julia through the movie Julie and Julia.  I have Julia Child’s book Mastering the art of French cooking and I have made some of the classics from her book.

When I discovered the website French Fridays with Dorie (  I had to have her book so I ordered Arround my French table on Amazon and boy was I happy.  I love love love her book and so does my family.  I see a recipe I like and then go to the website and get reviews and intel.  I have only made so many recipes but here are five of my favorite I do not have a picture of them all since I have not been blogging so long.  They are not in a special order and there are many more I wanted to put on the list.

1.  Bubble-top brioch page 496.  This was just like in France.  We do not get Brioch over here so I was very glad and proud when this was such a success, and that smell mmm.

2. Lamb and dried apricot page 284.  I have made this a few times.  I made also the couscous salad page 136.

3. Lentil soup orange-scented page 90.  I love every thing with lentils after this book.  I did not cook lentils before.  I brought some back from the US when I was there and again when I went to Paris this Christmas.  Here it is with Dorie’s scones.

4. Clafoutis, whole-cherry page 452.  I did this one with frozen whole cherries but unfortunately the grocery stores do not carry them any more.  At the moment we do have fresh ones so I might try that.  Keep you posted

5.  Éclairs vanilla page 473. Husband chose this one and says it is by far the best thing I have ever made from this book.  He loves everything with vanilla pastry cream.  This was very delicious.  I loved Marie-Héléne’s apple cake

So this is my list. I have still many recipes to finish and will look at FFWD as my guide.  I love to see other people’s list to help me see what I should focus on.

If you want to see how the others voted go to:

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