Chocolate-Cherry Brownies page 322

This was so delicious.  I used dried cranberries and Port we got for Christmas.  The chocolate was Valrhona.

It started raining just as I was taking this picture as you can see on the bowl.

This was easy to make and very good.  I had to restrain myself so I would not just eat the whole thing.  This was very good with coffee and Port.  I took it to my mother’s house as a dessert so again I would not eat it all by myself.  My mom asked me to take the last slice back home so she would not eat it all.  So all in all a great success.

Summer is not here yet.  The temperature has not peeked over 10°C/50°F, coldest May for over 30 years.  Thank God we are spending 2 weeks this summer in France.


18 thoughts on “Chocolate-Cherry Brownies page 322

  1. Peggy

    I think the port would have made these even better! If that is possible! Sorry about your weather. It is 93 degrees here so i would be happy to share some warmth! Delicious brownies


  2. Zosia

    These were delicious weren’t they. I’ll have to try them with Port next time. It sounds like they were worth cracking open a bottle for.


  3. jora

    I admire your discipline. I stashed half of these in the freezer and am still enjoying them (frozen!). The valrhona chocolate must have made these extra good.



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