Strawberry shortcakes Franco -American style page 338

Sorry but looking at them like this they look like turd.
This is a better picture

 This was easy to make and very delicious.  I made the shortcakes in the morning.  When I tried to pull the baking paper off it was all stuck.  I just stored them on the paper until serving and then it was easy to peel the paper off.  We have very nice strawberries in the stores now from Spain. I got myself a half a kilogram. I cut them in small chunks and stored them for an hour with some sugar in the fridge.  I did the cream just as Dorie suggests, with some vanilla and sugar.  I was going to use some lemon peel for the strawberries but forgot.  My family simply loved it and I am definitely doing this again.   This is the perfect dessert to impress your guests.  It looks more complicated than it is.


13 thoughts on “Strawberry shortcakes Franco -American style page 338

  1. zosia

    I’m glad you and your family enjoyed them, I loved them too. My cookies stuck a little also so I’ll wait longer next time before trying to remove them from the paper.



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