Apricot – Rasberry Tart page 145 

I made this one in the South of France when visiting my mother in law.  We do not get those lovely fruits here so I took the recipe with me in case I got a chance to make it.  I have never before baked in this much heat before, our summer is arround 50°F now the heat was close to 90°F.  No at easy as one would think the butter would not stay cold very long.  It is always harder to work in other people’s kitchen but I did find a scale and other items I needed.

The recipe calls for stale Brioch but I used a stale quatre-quarts bought at Carrefour.  I was not sure how to arrange the apricots they did not stand upright, but I think I did ok.

We had this one with whipped cream and it looked very delicious and perfect for summer.  I got great reviews on the crust.  In France you just buy the crust specially for the quische which is no where as good as making it yourself.  If I was to do it again I would use the almond cream on page 432.  I found this to be a bit dry and not as sweet as I would have liked it.  I would have to go to France again for the apricots and raspberries so not a bad deal.

7 thoughts on “Apricot – Rasberry Tart page 145 

  1. Tricia S

    Love that you were able to make this in France – how fun ! We also thought it was a bit on the dry side compared to usual fruit tarts but that did not slow down the consumption LOL. I will definitely revisit the almond cream next time, while wishing I could prepare it all in France 🙂 So fun that you shared how the French typically just purchase the pastry ready made. And it was pretty crazy hot here in the Philadelphia PA area when I had to turn the oven on for this one – that part was not so fun but the results were so delicious I quickly got over that 🙂


  2. bakeawaywithme.com

    How nice that there are others who go on vacation and bring recipes to cook or bake while away! That’s what I love about this group…we are kindred spirits! Your tart looks gorgeous…I brushed apricot jam on the bottom of my crust because it just seemed to need something! Delicious!


  3. Nana

    I’m glad that you enjoyed it, your tart looks wonderful. I would gladly go to France for just about anything, just love it.



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