Vanilla – Mango Panna Cotta page 370


Here you can see what I used.  We have gelatin sheets and there is one sheet to a tea spoon.  I should have read the back side sooner.  I have made this recipe now 3 times.  First time I boiled the gelatin in the microwave, and the panna cotta was all runny, second time was ok then I put the gelatin sheets in the hot cream mixture so it did not boil.  I used only 3 sheets and forgot all about them in the cold water for about 30min I was bussy cooking dinner it should have only been 5min.  This did not affect the gelatin but next time I´m using 4 sheets.

This is a new kind of vanilla bean and it tasted very good.  I made the panna cotta in the morning and let it stand for almost 4 hours to infuse the vanilla bean but I did put a little bit of the pure vanilla extract.

The mango we have here is not all that good so I did not use the purée.  I have made it before and it was just OK my family did ask me to make just a plain one next time so that is what I did.

This is so easy to make and I will make this one again and with other extra ingredients, like raspberries and chocolate.


12 thoughts on “Vanilla – Mango Panna Cotta page 370

  1. Nicole @ The 2nd 35 Years

    Oh o love Raspberry and chocolate as a combination! Also, I love seeing the different ingredients that you have available!


  2. Tricia S

    That vanilla bean makes all the difference and the flecks look gorgeous against the creamy white. Agreed- this is a lovely dish that can easily stand on its own, but it is nice to have fun with all the possible additions 🙂


  3. Teresa

    I used sheet gelatin, too, and think that 3 1/2 might be just right for me. It’s hard to substitute, isn’t it? I really loved this dessert and would happily have it with or without fruit, or infused with other flavours. 🙂



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