Cherry Crumb Tart page 148

This is not a cherry crumb tart this is a raspberry tart.  I could not find any fresh cherries at a reasonable price.  They are asking close to 15 USD for 12 oz.  They do not import frozen cherries any more which to me is just too bad since I love the clafoutis from Dorie’s other book AMFT.

So I just bought 500gr of frozen raspberries since we all love raspberries and I thought it would be a nice balance to the sweat tart.

I was a bit stressed as to how many minuets the partially baked tart crust would stay in the oven.  I do not like over baked crust.  It stayed in the oven for close to one hour and 45min.  As you can see the crust is pretty dark.  If you have extra tart doe I recommend making a small disk like shapes and baking them for a few minutes and then put on some raspberry or strawberry jam and dust some confectioners sugar on top.  Sablé Heaven.


I did not blend the sugar with orange zest but used lemon instead.  I did use the cardamom and pure vanilla.  I would love to do this one again but would like to cut some corners on the baking time, it goes 3 times in the oven I would see if I can just make it 2 times.  My guests loved this one and so did I.  I used the raspberries frozen (did not defrost) and used only 250gr or 9oz.  I baked them just like the book says for fresh cherries.  The recipe for the crust is just golden, I have had some great compliments both here in Iceland and also when I baked it in France this summer.

16 thoughts on “Cherry Crumb Tart page 148

  1. Nicole @ The 2nd 35 Years

    Your tart is lovely! I thought that my tart shell was overbaked, but maybe that is just the way it goes. It was amazing delicious either way.


  2. Zosia

    Your tart looks wonderful! Raspberries sound like a delicious alternative to the cherries, and as you said, would balance the sweetness of the tart. (It was very sweet made with sweet cherries)



    Raspberries are my favorite berry…although I also love cherries. This tart sounds perfect with raspberries. I would never pay 15 dollars for less than a lb. of cherries…outrageous! Your tart looks lovely!


  4. Cathleen | My Culinary Mission

    I was worried too about the long cooking time for the crust. It did turn out darker than I like, though it tasted OK. Good to know raspberries worked! I was going to substitute them as well, if I could not get the cherries. I think this recipe will lend itself to so many different fruits. It’s a winner.


  5. goldenlifephx

    I was wondering what some people in the group would make since cherries are such a specific fruit and even where they are grown the season is incredibly brief. Looks pretty fab with the raspberries.



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