Bubble Eclairs page 230

My family simply loves eclairs.  I have done them before with dark chocolate mousse and with pastry cream.  The pastry cream is our favorite.  The chocolate mousse is just too rich.  When I asked my DH what kind of filling and what kind of top he answered:  “Just a classic one”.  That is vanilla filling and chocolate on top.  No caramel, no whipped cream.

Some of them looked better than others.  I have not made this form before and when I put the filling in they did break since the bubbles were not close enough together.  I totally forgot the egg wash.

Cooling off in the garden.  I love my very pink flower.

What a mess.  Dipping them in the chocolate ganache from Dorie’s other book page 474 (AMFT).  There is never too much chocolate.


This was not too hard to do since I have done this before.  I was not always successful with the puff dough before but after watching joy of baking dot com it helped me make a better dough.  I had not put the dough in the stand mixer before.  This was before I knew Dorie.  Live and learn.

The Pastry cream is better with a fresh vanilla pod I can tell you that now.  I only used the vanilla extract and it is better to use the two together.  Now I need to put my 6 egg whites to use.

We loved this and will keep on making eclairs.


10 thoughts on “Bubble Eclairs page 230

  1. Brenda

    Ooooo… Love the chocolate ganache topping. I had troubles with the bubbles saying together after they were filled too, but it was nice to just pull them apart and eat them separately.


  2. Cakelaw

    Yummo – your eclairs look great, and the chocolate on top is the perfect addition. Pastry cream is my favourite filling too, but I could not bring myself to that extra step when I was making these.



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