Jam-Filled Sandwich Cookies page 275

I was in France this summer and had for the first time a sablé with raspberry jam.  It was like a dream it was so good.  I was so happy to see these for September that I made it as soon as I could.  They did not disappoint, they were just as good as in France.

These are easy to make, but a bit fussy with all the waiting in the fridge, but it all paid off.  These cookies are just butter, sugar and flour, no eggs.

Just look at these beauties!

We are big raspberry fans so I used raspberry jam in mine.  I would like to see more jam next time.

I am participating in Sugar free September but made an exception, there are no rules with out exceptions.  I only eat what I make myself.  So I will not miss out on Dorie.  Sounds fair?  So in September I will not eat sweats or soft drinks.  I´m not taking it all the way and not eating any thing with sugar or added sugar in it, I am not there yet.  It has not been as hard as I thought it would be but I´m only in my first week.

My family loved these cookies so I will be making them again.  I did not dust with confectioners’ sugar, they were all gone by the time I remembered.


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