Apple Kuchen page 16

This was not a complicated cake to make.  It needed some time planning since the crust had to rest all in all for 2h and 20min.  I used dried apricots and dark rum.  The cake is baked at 400°F for an hour or so.  That means that the apricots were a little to dark for my taste, so after 30 min in the oven I put a foil tent for the rest of the baking time.  Since the cake was already rather dark I did not put it under the broiler.  We did not have the patience to wait until it cooled to room temperature so we cut us a slice while it was still warm.  That was not a good idea since the filling leaked out.  It was much better at room temperature.

This cake was not a big success in my house.  I will not make this one again.  It is just to plain.

10 thoughts on “Apple Kuchen page 16

  1. Nicole @ The 2nd 35 Years

    Even cooled a bit ours fell all over the place after cutting it! I also agree with you that it was only so so for me… I thought it would have more bold flavor, but I felt it was missing something.


  2. Cakelaw

    I agree that this one was missing a wow factor after all of the work involved in making it. Fruit and custard is always good for me, but I won’t make this again wither.


  3. Zosia

    Your slice shot is beautiful – it shows all of the lovely apple chunks. I enjoyed this one (though I wish I had skipped the broiling step as you did) because of all of that fruit.


  4. Teresa

    I enjoyed this one. It really relies on the lemon and rum to enhance the apple flavour, but I think you could add apple-friendly spices if you thought it too plain. Lovely photos!



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