Tiger cakes page 198

These are just so cute.  This is the second time I make mini muffins.  This was so easy to make and took only like 30 min all together.  There is only egg whites in this recipe so this one is  good to know when making vanilla cream for the fruit tarts.  I always have so many extra whites that I don’t know what to do with.

Here they are fresh out of the oven.  I also wanted to show off my new casserole from Le Creuset, I just got me one last week and love it.

I did not have any problems getting the cakes out of the molds after I read that I should be generous with buttering the pan.  They just popped right out.  I was going to make the ganach later but this morning there was just one cake left so maybe next time.  I made 23 cakes just did not have enough for the last one.  I baked the cakes for 18 min.  My family loved them so I will do this again, what is there not to love, plenty of butter, sugar, chocolate and almond flour.


15 thoughts on “Tiger cakes page 198

  1. peggythebaker

    Your cakes look great! And your new Le Creuset is the same color as my husband’s. He received his as a gift when he was a teenager over 40 years ago!


  2. Nana

    These were really cute cakes and so scrumptious. I love your new
    Le Creuset, I have one exactly the same color and do so much with
    it. Everything turns out perfect.



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