Pear – Cranberry Roll – Up Tart page 132 

I could not find any cranberries so I used sour cherries they are smaller than the normal ones but bigger than cranberries.  I use them for my Clafoutis, they are really good.  Since I do not use inc but cm I have my measuring tape out and my converter.

I do not know what happened but we got ourselves an eruption.  5. min in the oven and it broke.  Maybe I rolled it to tight or I forgot to make the small slits on the top.  I also did not fold in the ends.

So this is what it looked like.  Not so pretty but still very tasty.  The men in my house thought it looked like something from a Zombie movie, like maybe a zombie arm.

We all had a slice and it was very good.  Would have been better with whipped cream.  So better luck next time.

To see how others did:


I´m having turkey this weekend we do not do Thanksgiving but I´m going to do my version.  So tell me do you use a brine for your turkey or not?




9 thoughts on “Pear – Cranberry Roll – Up Tart page 132 

  1. Nicole @ The 2nd 35 Years

    Oh man! Mine looked like that kinda… but my dough split before baking and I could not recover some of the tears.



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