Stained Glass Cookies page 280

These are very simple to make and look so beautiful.  Well that is if the stained glass stays in “window”.  I made cookies from half the batter and froze the rest for later.  It tried my patience to put the crushed candy in the windows without spilling it all over the cookie.

I bought Lifesavers on American days at our grocery store in September, but  I was doing sugar free September and then forgot all about them until now.  We have twice a year American days when we get all these American products in the store, like pop tarts, pringels with all kinds of different flavors and different kind of soda.


The stained glass did not all stay in the windows after baking.  Next time I will make the windows bigger.

These cookies were so delicious that I took them all to work and ate them by myself.  I still have half the batter in the fridge :0)

I tried to make them again


This time it worked out better with  bigger window.  


6 thoughts on “Stained Glass Cookies page 280

  1. Cher

    These were tasty, although the stained glass part was a bit of a trial. I like the thought of putting more than one hole in the cookie.

    I haven’t had a pop tart in over a decade – it makes me wonder what flavors they are selling now.



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