Fluted Carrot-Tangerine Cake, page 22


Happy New Year to you all.

I did not find any chestnuts so I did not make the tart this time arround.

This cake was easy to make.  I used an orange since we did not have good tangerines at the store.  I really liked the fresh ginger touch.  The carrot added some color to the cake and the orange was very refreshing.  This was a very nice cake to dip into coffee, very plain and simple.

I did not so much like the look of the cake so I added the glaze.

My DH in French so I decided for the first time to make galette des rois.  He has not been so keen on it since he does not like the cake so much.  I wanted to add some french traditions to our household so I baked the cake and hid a small white almond in the cake.  We also have 2 children together and I also did it for them.

I used Dorie’s recipe on page 102.  This was so easy to make since the dough is store-bought.



Maybe not the best looking galette in the world of galettes but very tasty.  My DH was saying that this was nothing like a galette des rois.  I could just as well say it was like an eclaire.  I was so surprised since Dorie is never wrong and I remember these galettes from my Paris years and they looked like this (sort of).  I had never tasted one so I was very baffled.  Before going to bed we googled the galette des rois.  As it turns out Provence and the south of France has a very different galette, it is more like a Gateau or a Couronne.




So there was an explanation and we could go to sleep.  He really liked my galette des rois as it turns out.

The youngest member of the family, Emil Martin age 8 was a King for a day.


To see how other members did visit.




11 thoughts on “Fluted Carrot-Tangerine Cake, page 22

  1. Nana

    Both of your cakes look lovely and delicious. I love that glaze, it really adds to the whole recipe. I just made a galette des rois last week and
    it turned out pretty good. I used a little charm that I brought back from Paris years ago from a cake I purchased there.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Teresa

    I’m catching up on everyone’s carrot-tangerine cake posts today, as I finally caught up on this recipe on my blog. Yours turned out beautifully and I love your galette, too. Perhaps next year, I’ll try my hand at that one!



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