Lemon Squares, French Style, page 326

This was so good everyone loved it.  What is there not to love, half a kilo of sugar and a half a kilo of butter.  This was sweet and sour.

The crust was pre-baked and then you put on the filling and bake it again.  I did half with slivered almonds and half without since my mom was coming over for dinner and she does not like almonds unless it is fine like flour.

This is so sweat so you can only have a little bite at the time.  Everyone loved it and it was equally good cold or at room temperature.


5 thoughts on “Lemon Squares, French Style, page 326

  1. Nana

    These were absolutely delicious and a big hit in our house. Your
    lemon squares look great, I like the way you try to please with only using almonds on one side.



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