Hot Chocolate Panna Cotta page 373

We love panna cotta at my house.  I have made it a few times and have now mastered the gelatin dosage.  I put the gelatin blades in cold water and then warm them in the cream / milk.  I did not use the micro wave like last time when I boled the living daylight out of the gelatin.


The ingredients.

My DH likes the vanilla flavored panna cotta better.  My sons loved it and ate every last bit of it.  To me panna cotta is just to much cream.

To see how the others did:


On Monday it was national cream puff day.  I made Dorie’s recipe, it is fool proof.  We like it with cream, jam and chocolate.

13 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate Panna Cotta page 373

  1. Cakelaw

    Your panna cotta looks fabulous. I have never tried chocolate panna cotta before, so I look forward to making this one. Your cream puffs also look scrumptious.


  2. Zosia

    Both of your desserts look wonderful. These National food days are always a good excuse to make something delicious. (I made a nutella treat last Friday, world nutella day)


  3. Cher

    It looks good.
    I must say, I liked the vanilla and fruit version better too, but my other half was a fan of the chocolate version. Dorie’s cream puffs are always a good idea 🙂


  4. steph (whisk/spoon)

    Oh those cream puffs look fantastic! I’m on the fence about trying the panna cotta, although no doubt it will be tasty. By the way, I’ve seen that Icelandic chocolate sold here in the US in some stores…I should buy it next time I do!

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