Dukkah-roasted cauliflower page 224

This is my first try at David Leibovitz’s cookbook My Paris Kitchen.  I ordered the book on Amazon but it did not arrive in time for the first LYL on the blog page http://www.cookthebookfridays.wordpress.com.  So this is my first blog post.

I’m so glad to be participating in this project with the Doristas from frenchfridayswithdorie.com  I have been following their blogs for about 2 years now and have made many dishes from Dorie’s book Arround my French Table.  The book has become my go to cookbook.  I often go and see how the other Doristas did on a particular dish.

Back to David’s book.  It has a lot of written text with anecdotes from Paris.   I love reading it before I go to bed.

Here you can see the ingredients for the Dukkah.



I used almonds instead of hazelnuts.


I got some help from my 10yrs old.

When the Dukkah was ready I cut the cauliflower and put it in the oven.  I love that David’s book has weight and celsius.  I do not have to convert the temperature.

Here you have the end results.


I was lucky to get one bite.  My DH and my brother in law had some healthy helpings.  So all in all we loved it and will make again.  This book is very promising.



15 thoughts on “Dukkah-roasted cauliflower page 224

  1. Teresa

    This is such a great first recipe for you to try. And I’m glad it was kid-friendly, too. I’m thinking of investing in a bigger mortar and pestle. Mine isn’t large enough to grind more than a couple of tablespoons’ worth of spices. Glad you’re joining us!


  2. Cher Rockwell

    Although I don’t have to convert to Celsius – I am very glad to have the weight measurements. I really wish more US cookbook authors would include these.

    Glad you enjoyed this & are cooking along with us. Like Teresa, my mortar and pestle is fairly small. I really need to get into Jerusalem more.


  3. oneexpatslife

    I so agree that it’s very handy to have weights in this book. I cook from american cookbooks pretty regularly (I brought quite a few of them with me when I moved to Germany) so I actually have a hand-typed conversion sheet taped to the inside of my cupboard for quick reference. But the weights really do make things so much quicker and easier.

    I see above you referenced the book Jerusalem. It’s one of my absolute favorite books at the moment and I find myself returning to it again and again.


  4. bakeawaywithme.com

    So glad you decided to join us at CooktheBookFridays! Love the photo of your son using the mortar. He is quite hard at work! I also enjoyed this recipe, and I know I will be using the dukkah often! Happy Friday!


  5. hawley32

    I too have a very small mortar & pestle and do not have a 10 year old to do the work! So I used my mini food processor, it worked well. Your cauliflower looks lovely


  6. Chez Nana

    I’m happy that you are joining us on this project too. He really has some great
    recipes, I have made quite a few before this, each and everyone is delicious.
    Your results turned out lovely, looks so delicious.


  7. kitchen therapy

    Love the photo of your son grinding the spices! My husband helped and he complained about how hard the job was 🙂
    I appreciate the celsius conversion as well, otherwise I’m googling the conversion temps!
    The cauliflower tasted great and I agree, the book is promising.


  8. Emily

    Yes, a few of us need a bigger sized mortier and pilon like yours! and a helper too! And I made this twice in a row now!


  9. dishnthekitchen

    Way to get your kid involved in the cooking, they are much more likely to eat it when they have a hand in the prep.
    So if the previous group called themselves ‘Doristas’, is this next bunch called ‘Davistas’?


  10. Katie from ProfWhoCooks

    Yay and I’m so glad you came along with us! I’d not bought this book before deciding to get this group started and I’ve been happily impressed with the 3 recipes we’ve done so far. This one, so simple and so flavorful, was just fabulous. I love the color you got on the cauliflower and it’s no wonder you didn’t get much!


  11. betsy

    What a great recipe to start you off. I’m glad you’re joining us on our latest cooking adventure. I love the picture of your helper. And this is my new favorite recipes. I made it 3 times this week.


  12. Mary Hirsch

    Welcome, welcome to CTBF’s. I am sorry that you didn’t join us on FFWD but very happy that you jumped on board now. We have a good time and love that new cooks are joining us. I also didn’t realize (because I’m just into thinking my own measurements) how great this would be for everyone because he adds weights and celsius also. (Why we all aren’t on your system, I will never know but that’s a separate issue). You’ve got a good helper there. He seemed to take his task seriously. This was delicious and I’m glad you all enjoyed it.

    Liked by 1 person


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