Odile´s Fresh Orange Cake page 28

This is a beautiful cake and oh so fresh and tasty.

Here you have some of the ingredients.

Well I did have some problems with the cake in the beginning.  I do not recall ever blending the eggs and butter together and not adding the sugar.  Maybe because I see now that I misread the recipe.  I put the sugar and orange zest in a bowl and mixed it together I did not read that it was suppose to be the bowl of the standard mixer. Then when the cold eggs hit the butter well you see what happened.

So I took the bowl to the sink and warmed the whole thing up.

I kept reading the second page of the recipe where it says put in the dry ingredients so I thought the sugar was a part of that.  I found this to be very strange and not making any sense.  I kept reading page two and not seeing when to put in the sugar.  In the end I did put the sugar in first and whisked it with the eggs and butter.  So it turned out just fine.  But it did keep me thinking and that is why I took all these photos to ask you guys about this.

Well I should have read page one again.


I did the bonne Idée it makes the cake so much more sunny.  Mars and April are the hardest months for my DH who grew up in the South of France.  Here in the northern hemisphere it is all grey and gloomy, spring is not until the end of April beginning of May.  So this little cake is a ray of sunshine with it’s bright colours.  We all loved it and will make again.


12 thoughts on “Odile´s Fresh Orange Cake page 28

  1. Busy Oven

    I’m glad that your cake turned out after the little adventures you had early on! I would have thrown everything out and started over again (because I’m hopeless like that). I agree, this cake really did brighten up the day!


  2. Summer

    I had trouble with misreading the recipe too but in a different way. I assumed that the ingredient list included the oranges for decoration on top, I just got lucky that we had extra. In a recipe we did previously (fluted carrot tangerine cake) we started with just the butter first and added the sugar later after whipping the butter for 2 minutes so I found this recipe a little confusing too. But your cake turned out beautifully so maybe it wasn’t that critical after all.


  3. Nicole @ The 2nd 35 Years

    I couldn’the understand where adding the oranges on top came in until I realized that the oranges were the Bon idea!


  4. Tricia S

    Your cake is indeed a ray of sunshine- a delicious ray 🙂 Great job with all those process photos and I completely understand about following the recipe. I could not figure out when we were adding the juice. Somehow I read through the recipe like 3 times and literally kept missing it. I did enjoy mixing the zest with the sugar (which I would not have done unless Dorie had specifically instructed us to, which she did) and thought we were off to a good start at the point. Nice save and beautiful results ~


  5. Shirley: Flourishen Test Kitchen

    Now you wrote about your adventure, I retraced how I made the batter. I agreed that the recipe could have been written more clearly since I had to read it again and again before I could figure out all the steps. Your cake looks sunny and delightful. Good job!


  6. steph (whisk/spoon)

    see-your baker’s instinct kicked in and your cake turned out perfectly! it’s true that in baking chemistry, sugar is often considered a wet ingredient rather than a dry, because it is attracted to water.


  7. kitchen therapy

    Your cake looks beautiful, like a ray of sunshine! I can’t wait to try it. I’m on the other end of the season spectrum, I’m ready to farewell summer and all the heat here in Sydney Australia. This cake can be my farewell to summer 🙂


  8. Margaret @approachingfood

    A Ray of Sunshine Cake! Love it! And it definitely does look all sunshiney in your photos! I want to eat now! I also had the same issue with the butter but just shrugged my shoulders and continued, so good for you for working through it!



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