Belgian beef stew with beer and spice bread page 198


Well again a course that does not photograph well.

I went to the butcher and asked him for a beef chuck but no such luck.  I have to special order it in the beginning of the week and I was there on a Friday.  So I asked for a beef that I could cook for 3 hours and he sold me some beef shanks aka Osso bucco  I cut the bones out and cut meat into 5cm pieces.

I had made the spice bread or pain d’epiches on page 293 a few days before.  My DH told me that this was not bread but a spice cake you have in the middle of the day with a glass of milk.  Calling it bread did not make it so.  My mother in law has it at christmas with her Foi gras, which is very a lá mode in France she tells me.

My spiced bread with the mustard.


I went to the wine shop, you cannot buy any alcohol at the supermarket over here.  You go to the Wine shop (Vínbúðin).  I asked for an amber beer and they carrie one kind from Denmark.  I had never heard of it before.



My DH was not having pasta with the meat  since it was a Belgian beef stew and we are not into mashed potatoes.  So he made his fried potatoes and garlic.

This is so delicious.

We loved this dish, it was a big hit with everyone.  I had my mom and dad over and they loved it.  I will be making this again.


16 thoughts on “Belgian beef stew with beer and spice bread page 198

  1. Emily

    Ok, I shall tell my DH to have a slice of the ‘spice cake’ with a glass of something cold in the afternoon! That is a great feast enjoyed by your family! Love your DH’s fried garlic with potatoes!


  2. oneexpatslife

    Ooh, those potatoes look delicious! I probably would have forgotten all about the stew if I’d had a plate of those.

    And I agree with you that such dishes are nearly impossible to photograph well. Especially in the winter when the sun has gone down before I’m able to get dinner on the table.


  3. Nicole @ The 2nd 35 Years

    I tried the spice bread with an salty taramosalata (salmon roe in a creamy suspension) and it was surpringly delicious in the way you might expect foie Gras to be a good pairing with it too.


  4. Kitchen Conundrum

    Oh your potatoes sound really tasty! The dish looks great, and yes, it’s more of a spice cake than it is a bread. But it sure tasted good!


  5. Katie from ProfWhoCooks

    I chuckled at how unappetizing beef stew looks in photos–totally agree. Your bread/cake looks beautiful and I also smiled at that calling it bread doesn’t make it so. I’d bet Lebovitz did that because it’s not the classic cake crumb that Americans would expect, and is closer to what we’d call bread. I don’t care what it’s called: it’s _good._ 🙂



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