Matcha Financiers sans Matcha page 206


I did look for Matcha tea every where but in vain.  I did find 30gr for 50 US Dollars and no way was I going to buy that and only needing like one gramme and then maybe I did not like the taste.  I did find one at the supermarket and then when I got home I saw that it only contained 2% matcha.  So I did the recipe without the Matcha.  I looked up financiers at AMFT and it was the same ingredients but a little bit difference method.  I did not warm up the egg whites like Dorie talked about in AMFT.


They did turn out great.  When we did taste them we could really taste the egg whites.  So that was a bit disappointing.  I have been wanting to make financiers for a long time.  Maybe it is because I did not warm the egg whites?

Then my DH had this great idea to dip them in spiced rum and make them into baba au rhum, and that is just what we did and yummy did they taste great.


If I make these again I would add some lemon zest to the sugar.


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