Cocoa Crunch Meringue Samdwiches page 293


Well what can I say.  This does not look like the ones Dorie has in her book.  I think I over beaded the egg whites.  Mine are totally flat and also my circles are a bit bigger than 2 inches.  I had to scrape every last bit out of the bowl to fill all the circles.


This does not photograph well.

My ganache cooling down.  This was easy to make.


My end results.  This was very tasty and the family loved it.  It was all gone with in 30 min.

I did not use lightly roasted almonds I used almond flour from Bob’s red mill.  So the ingredients were the same as in Macarons but the look was not the same.  I need to do them again to get the right look, the taste was great though.



11 thoughts on “Cocoa Crunch Meringue Samdwiches page 293

  1. Zosia

    Maybe it’s just me, but they look just like the photo in the book. I’m glad you enjoyed them even if you weren’t pleased with their appearance.


  2. Summer

    You cookies look very much like the ones in the book and I will be ecstatic if mine look half as good. But I’m trying to not be intimidated by the fact that they involve meringue and piping.



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