Fried ham and cheese sandwich page 137


This was so delicious.  I have never made a cheese sandwich with béchamel before and what a difference.  I also used a better cheese and better bread than usual.  This was a true weekend sandwich.  I did not bother with the frying pan.  This grill cooks both sides at the same time and then I finished it off under the broiler.  The béchamel took about 10 min to make and was very easy.


I had this with dijon mustard and the only thing missing was a démi and it would be just like in a french café.  A démi is a small bier only 25cl from the tab.  My DH did not like the bread, he found it to be too hard so I made it again the next day with normal bread not sourdough and it was just as good.  I will be making this again and again for a weekend lunch.

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13 thoughts on “Fried ham and cheese sandwich page 137

  1. oneexpatslife

    That grill looks like the perfect tool for such a recipe.

    In my experience, American sourdough and German sourdough are very different, and that might be the same for you and thus why your DH thought it was too hard. . The German version tends to be a brown bread which is heavier and denser. The American version is something in the middle, not a light and airy white bread but also not a heavy brown bread. I suspect that David is referring to the lighter version in his recipe. If you google “sourdough bread” you can see if it looks different from what you get by you.


  2. Nicole @ The 2nd 35 Years

    I made it will a country loaf so wound up eating it French style with a knife and fork. Your use of a panini press is a clever idea!


  3. Cher

    I agree – some breads are too stiff for this. We used a pumpernickel/ rye blend. It was probably a little too tender, but delicious nonetheless.
    Looks good!


  4. hawley32

    I never had bechamel in a sandwich either. I always loved it on a chicken pot pie that I used to have as a treat when I lived in Phoenix. What a great idea to use the double sided grill- I have one- but never thought to use it.


  5. Teresa

    Wasn’t the béchamel wonderful in the sandwich? I didn’t get a traditional sourdough loaf for this and instead used a soft sourdough rye that I like. After your husband’s comments, I’m glad I did. My parents have a grill like yours and I was thinking that this sandwich come out perfectly in that. Maybe I’ll go over and make it for them some time soon.


  6. betsy

    When I made my 3rd croque monsieur this week (didn’t want to waste the leftover ingredients, I added Dijon mustard. I liked that version best. And I’ll remember to use the double-sided grill next time. That will make lunch even faster to prepare.



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