Jammer Galette page 114

This was so delicious.  First you make the crust and it is basically butter, sugar and flour.  You then put the crust in the freezer for an hour or so.  While waiting you make the streusel which is also just flour, sugar and butter.  In between you put a lot of jam and then you have your basic galette.

We are very big on raspberries over here so I chose the one on the right.  Dorie calls for 370gr of jam or 13 ounces.  I used the whole jar and it was only 10 ounces or 284 gr.


I love my pink knife.

Ready for the oven with the streusel on top.


The whole family of 6 loved it and it was over in 5 min flat.  So doing this again.  It was all right having only 10 ounces of jam.

Calling someone a galette in french is like calling him or her a chicken.  So now you know!

To see how the others did visit:



14 thoughts on “Jammer Galette page 114

  1. Teresa

    I think I’ll use two jars of jam next time. Mine was good, but it didn’t have the jam bubbling up through the streusel enough. Yours looks beautiful. I would have gone with the raspberry jam, too.



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