Chicken lady chicken page 173

We often have chicken for dinner but this is the first time we use this method.

I did marinaded this chicken in the fridge for 2 days.  I did not have any white wine so I used a little bit of white wine vinegar and water.  My DH has the impression that when I use honey the food tastes like flowers so I used maple syrup.  My DH snipped the chicken down and well was not listening to me so I got 4 parts instead of 2 but that was ok.  We are sometimes 6 for dinner so I bought 2 chickens of 1.5kg.

I used our big non stick frying pan and it did hold everything in one go. I draped a heavy duty aluminium foil over the top, then a frying pan and on top my big pot.


There is one peace of chicken missing it’s skin.

Looking so good after 25min in the oven.

The end results.  An excellent meal, chicken, fattouch and Dorie’s couscous salad page 136 from AMFT minus the salad ingredients.  We loved it and will so make this again.

Today is our national holiday 17th on June, so no work today :0)

To see how the other members of the group did visit:


13 thoughts on “Chicken lady chicken page 173

  1. Teresa

    What a lovely holiday meal! I can see this working just as well with chicken pieces as with a spatchcocked one. I’m impressed that you only lost skin from one piece!


  2. Mary Hirsch

    Happy Holiday. Great day when you don’t have to work, huh? Your chicken and your entire meal look delicious. You get the prize for having the most crispy skin left “ON” your chicken. The rest of us didn’t have much luck with that. I like the idea of cutting the chicken into pieces. I know that wasn’t the point of this recipe but it certainly seems to have worked out well. Like your third photo.


  3. hawley32

    Happy Holiday. Your chicken was nicely browned!! I like the idea of placing the chicken on a grill in the oven ( I may have saved a pan that way!)



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