Raw vegetable slaw with creamy garlic dressing page 98

I´m visiting my in laws and brought David’s book with me to France.  I had big plans before coming here.  So far I have only made this salad and I´m going home in two days.  Well c’est comme ca.

I went to the market and bought for the salad, green cabbage, carrots, one small beet, an apple,  radishes and some red salad I do not have the name for.  I did not find fennels and I have no idea what is a kohlrabi and radicchio.  I will have to google that.  The avocado was not ready to eat.

I also bought mayonnaise but it was not pure it had some dijon in it so I put less of dijon than David suggests.  I also did not put 2 tbl spoons of garlic maybe two tea spoons.  I did not have the opportunity to chill for several hours but that was ok.   Maybe  next time since BBQ season is not over yet.

I always find it hard not working in my own kitchen, I cannot find anything and the knives are not sharp enough.

This was for a BBQ party with lot of merguez sausages (see page 75 in David’s book) and steak.  The salad was just perfect with this dinner.  Every one loved it and had more then one servings.

To see how the others did visit:


I will check the other blogs when I´m back home.


15 thoughts on “Raw vegetable slaw with creamy garlic dressing page 98

  1. Teresa

    Cooking in someone else’s kitchen is always challenging. But, so rewarding when everyone loves the dish – glad it was a hit! I can relate to having big plans for cooking on holiday and not getting around to it. There are always so many things to do!


  2. betsy

    It’s tough to cook in another kitchen, and you are so right about the knives. Why is that? It seems like you did a great job with the salad even if you weren’t at home. Nice colors!


  3. Katie from ProfWhoCooks

    Totally agree about cooking in other kitchens, but the salad looks fantastic despite that! I chuckled with the whole grand plans thing for cooking while in France and then, well, reality strikes! For those veggies, I think radicchio is just called endive or trévise in French. I think kohlrabi is “chou-rave.”


  4. Emily

    Is your copy of MPK a hard copy or ebook! Good job gurl, and cooking in a kitchen not your own – top notch! Lovely salad you made there.


  5. hawley32

    I too hate cooking in someone else’s kitchen, but it looks like you did a great job! I chose the same ingredients as you- but left out the radishes. I would love to make my own mayo next time.


  6. Kitchen Conundrum

    What a perfect side to merguez sausages and steak! Yum! It is always hard to work in other people’s kitchens but part of the fun too. Especially when it turns out so well! Your slaw looks great!

    Liked by 1 person


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