Cornmeal and Berry Cakes page 37

I had to go too our American store to get the cornmeal and at the same time I bought my vanilla extract.  I ran through the store so I would not be side tracked and end up with all sorts of things I do no need but always wanted to try.

It is always hard to come back from France and go back to grocery shopping.  I did not get any raspberries not even frozen.  So I bought a bag of mixed berries but it only had 33gr of raspberries so I also used the blueberries to get to 123gr.  The markets in France were full of raspberries.  I did not have the right pans so I did cupcakes.


I baked the cakes for 30 min.  and it was just right.

My DH liked them plane and I was not a big fan.  Maybe because I used frozen crappy berries and not the real thing.

They look good.


To see how the others did visit:


4 thoughts on “Cornmeal and Berry Cakes page 37

  1. Nicole @ The 2nd 35 Years

    Sorry to hear you didn’the like them but I admire your determination in getting the ingredients!



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