Philadelphia Blueberry Corn Tart page 156

I have not been up to speed in August.  So when I had the birthday party for my son I did manage some of the cakes I was suppose to be done with.

This tart was so much better than I would have thought and it got great reviews from everyone and it was the only cake that did not leave any left overs.

I used frozen blue berries for the topping after all it was going to be heated anyway.  Well the filling was very watery because of it but very tasty.


My guests were not sure what to make of the corn, they had never had it in a tart before.  They did not mind and some never noticed.

The tart shell is very delicious as always.

For this birthday I also did the Rose Frasier and some said it reminded them of tarte Tropézienne.  I had not made it before since I did not have the rose syrup but I did find it in France this summer.  This is a very rich cake and if I do it again I will use more strawberries.  This one was OK.


I did nailed the filling not like last time when I was making the tarte Tropézienne.

Here is the birthday cake decorated by the birthday boy.  Inspired by Pokemon Go:



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