Edouard’s chocolate chip cookies page 298 


School started at the end of August and we were all happy to get back to routine.  The boys were happy to see their friends and mom and dad happy to see them get busy again.

Over here we never make cookies unless it is for Christmas.  So this for me was a bit strange making cookies in September.

Here you can see the ingredients:  I often go the the American store for items.  We are getting Costco at the end of this year I think.

This was easy to make only thing annoying is waiting for 2hrs for the dough to come together.  This is a big recipe I made over 70 cookies.  I baked 32 at the time and I have some cookie balls  in the freezer for later.  I liked the idea of pressing them down with a metal spatula half way through the baking time to make them flatter.

What can I say they did not stay very long in the cookie jar.  The boys loved having cookies after school and my DH dipped them into milk after dinner.  This was so good.  I will be making cookies at other times than December for now on.


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