Butternut squash crumble page 215

I made the wrong recipe for last Friday so I made this one yesterday and toasted for my Canadian friends who are celebrating Thanksgiving.


I did some changes to the recipe.  I was having a leg of lamb from Jerusalem Ottolenghi’s cook book (page 210).  In stead of timian and sage I used Za’atar and mozzarella chees and not parmesam.  I could not find bread crumbs so I made my own and I only had corn flower and used that.  It tasted very good.  I´m the kind of home cook that makes the recipe to the letter but the more I cook I´m finding the courage to adjust the recipes to my liking.  I would say a big step.


The leg of lamb.

I made and baked the crumble in the morning and just let it sit at room temp until the leg of lamb was cooked some 6hrs later.  While the lamb was resting I reheated the crumble and it was not a problem.

David talks about home made chicken stock I used cubes sorry David.

My DH did not understand how this recipe came to be in David’s book since there is nothin French about it.

It was so good.  Butternut squash is so new to us that we have not found an Icelandic name for it yet.



10 thoughts on “Butternut squash crumble page 215

  1. Teresa

    I love the way you adapted this for your Ottolenghi roast lamb – that’s what good cooking is all about! It looks like you had a fantastic dinner. And this crumble was a perfect holiday table addition!

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  2. Emily

    The golden color in your crumble is amazing! Love the adaptation of ingredients you used for the crumble. That was a delicious dinner you laid on your table!

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  3. Mardi (eat. live. travel. write.)

    That lamb looks amazing! And interesting, I wondered what the French would think about this once too – but David’s recipes are not “French” per se, rather the recipes HE eats and he just happens to live in Paris. Loved it but would love to see what the French say!


  4. Mary Hirsch

    I am going to check out that Leg of Lamb after I finish commenting on your post. I have three of Ottolenghi’s cook books and “Jerusalem” is one of them. I used to make Lamb all the time but haven’t since Michael died. I may give this a whirl and serve it with the crumble. I am making the crumble for our Thanksgiving and am happy everyone has liked it. I also don’t go out on a limb very often regarding recipes but “very often” used to be “never” so I pat myself on the back every time I make a change or substitution in a recipe. Good for you.


  5. Margrèt Jóhanna Post author

    Hi Mary, So happy to hear from you. This leg of lamb from Ottolenghi is very good My DH said it was the best leg of lamb he ever had and that is something. The French are not to keen on compliments :0) I hope you will make this recipe, you will not be disappointed.



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