Custardy Apple Squares page 20


Looks beautiful on my new Le Creuset plate.

This came together with out a problem and did not take much time.  I have a mandolin and it makes life so much easier.


What a difference, the slices are all the same thickness and are ready in no time.

I did not have a 8 inch square baking pan so I used a 8 inch round pan.


I baked the squares for close to 50 min to make sure it was baked in the middle.

I tried it soon after it came out of the oven it was not all that great.  When my DH came home from work we had some for dessert and it was so much better at room temperature.  I was out of confectioner’s sugar much to my surprise.  We had some coffee and calvados.

We are making this one again when we need something very good.

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