Baked eggs with kale and smoked salmon page 151


Well as you can see from the photo I did not use smoked salmon.

I used something different.  We had some left over sausage and I used that.  I do not like warm smoked salmon maybe because I’m not used to it.  We alway serve it cold with toast.

After I looked at the picture I thought to my self I should have cut up the sausage and then take the picture but by then it was too late.

On the way to the oven.

The eggs took longer than the books says.  It was still runny after 15 min. but I did not have time to wait any longer.  I was making this as an entrée for myself  since I knew no-one in this household would like it.


It was just ok.  I would like to make it again with spinach and bacon and bake it longer.  It would be very nice for a Sunday brunch.

I loved the bread crumbs and will make it again.


8 thoughts on “Baked eggs with kale and smoked salmon page 151

  1. Chez Nana

    I knew the eggs would not be to my liking so I fried it a bit and then topped
    the dish. It was enjoyable with the spinach and ham, and I’m sure anything
    will work here. I love the photo on the way to the oven, looks great.


  2. Mary Hirsch

    Your plate in the last picture looks very pretty and delicious. Do you think you would like it better with spinach and bacon? I’m not a kale lover so will probably make this with spinach also.l



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