Chocolate – dulce de leche tart page 289


This is my second caramel tart in a row.  Very nice. Here are some of the ingredients for the tart shell.

The salt was not so flaky and I totally forgot to put it in the shell before baking.  I’m so set in my ways that I used Dorie’s method for making tart shell.  So everything was put in the food processor and the egg and butter came straight from the fridge.  It turned out all the same I’m sure.


Here is the dulce de leche.  I made the shell the day before so I just put the caramel into the micro for a few sec.  so it was easier to work with.  I did boil the milk and egg mixture, I was waiting for it to thicken,  but it turned out ok.  Good thing I poured it through a strainer.  I used Valrhona manjari chocolate.

My testers were my family and 6 of my high school friends.  My all male family loved the tart, my high school friends  (all girls) loved it too but found it a bit too salty and a bit rich.  I served it with whipped cream and coffee.  My family has requested this one again and the day after it was all gone.

To see how the others did please visit:

9 thoughts on “Chocolate – dulce de leche tart page 289

  1. Nicole @ The 2nd 35 Years

    Yours looks great! I almost reverted to Dorie’s method too, but wound up not for the experience. I would have preferred rolling thr tart shell out vs pressing it in just for the evenness.


  2. Chez Nana

    That very first photo looks like everyone enjoyed it. This was good, quite rich, but delicious all the same. I wish I had prepared a smaller version, 9″ tarts are too much for just two.


  3. Mary Hirsch

    Your tart looks a bit thinner than the others I’ve seen although they were baked in smaller tart pans. I liked the look of yours because it is so rich and a small slim piece might be perfect. I also saw some cookies in the background of your picture, didn’t I? Your guests and family must feel as if they had their fair share of sugar at your house. I haven’t made this tart yet but I will not feel guilty about using Dorie’s method. It works. That’s enough for me to know I don’t have to branch out. Thanks for your very nice words on my blog.


  4. betsy

    I can’t remember Dorie’s method, but I will say that I love the ease of press-in crusts. You are lucky to have so many people to share your tart with. A little goes a long way. More deliciousness to share!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Teresa

    My favourite tart crusts are Dorie’s or Jill Colonna’s, but this one was good, too. The star of the show was the chocolate custard/dulce de leche combination, anyway. Loved it. And yours looks great.

    Liked by 1 person


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