Fresh herb omelet page 133

Happy New year!

This was a nice start of the new year.  After all the cooking in December it was nice to get an easy and quick recipe.

We only had chives so that is what I used.  I used 3 large eggs and I had this for lunch.  This was a big omelet as the pan is 30 cm in diameter.  I also added cheese.

I had already made the Onion Tart and did not have the time to make it again in December when there is so much cooking going on among other things.  I really liked it and so did my DH.


12 thoughts on “Fresh herb omelet page 133

  1. Chez Nana

    Happy New Year to you. This was a perfect start after all the rich foods these past two weeks.
    Your omelet turned out beautifully, something I have to work on.


  2. dulceshome

    Your omelette looks beautiful! I’m jealous of your chives – mine are limp after from the frost. At least there was parsley! This was great – so happy you enjoyed!



    I made a 3-egg omelet also and ate the entire thing myself! Didn’t feel the least bit guilty. I agree that this was simple and delicious and such a great recipe for January cooking. Yours looks pretty. Happy New Year,

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