Honey-Yogurt Mousse page 352

Happy New Year!

I did strain the Greek yogurt for over 2 hours.


Two hours later and not one drop of liquid:

This was easy to make it just takes some time if you strain the yogurt.  I don’t think I will do so next time I make this.  I have been asked to make it again by my sons and DH loved it, me not so much it is way too sweet for my taste.  Next time I will but some chocolate or berries on top.

Dorie has become a part of our Christmas dinner.  I now serve here profiteroles page 238 and this year I made Hot Fudge Sauce page 444.  I also made her rice pudding on page 380 but with raspberry coulis page 449.

I did make the Chocolate truffles page 396 but is did not go too well.

I did manage to hide the screw up with the coca powder.

I do not know why the fat from the cream did not incorporate with the chocolate maybe it was too hot?  This happened again when I made the hot fudge sauce.  The chocolate became grainy and not smooth.  If you have any advice please tell me.

I could not find any Lavender for the spiced Honey Cake page 48 so I will make that at a later time.


7 thoughts on “Honey-Yogurt Mousse page 352

  1. Diane Zwang

    You have been busy baking. My husband also thought the honey yogurt was too sweet. I have not made the truffles yet so I don’t have good advice but I know that working with chocolate is tricky.


  2. Teresa

    I really enjoy this recipe and find the tanginess of the yogurt offsets the sweetness of the honey.

    Dorie is a big part of my family’s holidays, too. This year, I concentrated on cookies, but there is always something on the table from her repertoire.


  3. Summer

    I didn’t get a lot of liquid either, just some,.. It’s fun to get requests for repeating Dories recipes. There are so many variations and presentation possibilities with this one, yum!

    Liked by 1 person


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