Brandade de morue/ salt cod fritters with tartar sauce page 144 and 73

This is salt cod and I could use it straight from the fish monger since I was going to boil it.  It only needed 15 min in the pot so I started with the potatoes and then added the fish.

I have never liked Brandade de morue.  My mom would buy it ready made at fish monger and we would have it with rúgbrauð or rye bread and butter.

This is a very popular dish here in Scandinavia.  You would use up all your fish and potatoes left overs.  Then you would add onion and not be stingy with the pepper.

This is the very first time I make this dish by myself and what a difference.  I could not get enough.  I did not share this one with my family I took it all to work and had for lunch for a week warmed up in the microwave.  I will make this one again and maybe use white pepper for a better look.  Here you can see my plate at work with rúgbrauð and butter.

I did take a side close to 2 cups to make the salt cod fritters with tartar sauce.  I almost did not make it.  I had to talk myself into it, I was thinking that maybe I should take it to work.

So this Sunday I made the salt cod fritters with tartar sauce.  I´m so glad I did.


This was easy to make and first time I make the fritter batter and also first time for a tartar sauce.   Here you can see the them deep frying.

Fresh out of the pot.

This reminded my DH and I of tapas and was so good.  My DH was surprised to have tartar sauce with fish but it works very well together.  He is more use to this sauce with read meat and meat fondue.  So now I´m taking the rest of the fritters to work.  The plate that just keeps on giving.




6 thoughts on “Brandade de morue/ salt cod fritters with tartar sauce page 144 and 73

  1. Chez Nana

    The plate that just keeps on giving, I love that expression. These two recipes were really great
    and we enjoyed them both. I had additional Brandade so I made some fritters for my daughter and husband and they loved them. Yours have such a lovely brown color to them.

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  2. betsy

    I like that phrase too, the plate that keeps on giving. Reminds of the book The Everlasting Meal by Tamar Adler, where the leftovers from one meal inspire the next. So much delicious eating!

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    What an interesting post, Margrèt. Homemade is usually best so I am glad you made both the brandade and the fritters. Your photo of the fritters frying in oil is fabulous. I found it interesting that you don’t use tartar sauce with fish. Especially with fried fish, it’s a must. And, I’ve never thought of having tartar sauce with meat or meat fondue. I must say that I loved the fritters. I don’t eat much fried food but I just keep popping those little guys into my mouth!

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  4. Katie from ProfWhoCooks

    Margrèt, you had me in all the ups and downs with this post. I was thinking “oh no! she thought the brandade was terrible!” until I got to when you loved it and took it to work! I also chuckled when you mentioned how you almost didn’t make the fritters so you could just keep eating the brandade. Glad you loved both the dishes–we loved them too. I also love how getting something pre-made is totally different from making it yourself. And what a fun thing to realize! So glad you gave it a chance.

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