Granola Cake page 54

Here you can see my ingredients for the granola cake.

The shredded coconut is from a health manufacture but so full of sugar.  Sugar is everywhere you look.

This was easy to make and I did not think much of this cake.  I did buy the granola I did not have any time to make it or maybe I just did not bother with it.

Dorie talks about jiggling the pan to make sure the batter gets into the corners.  This batter was very stiff and did not jiggle at all.  I used the spatula to even the batter in the pan.


I baked the cake for 40 min and after it cooled I cut it into squares.


My family loved the cake and it did not last very long.  So this one is a keeper.




6 thoughts on “Granola Cake page 54

  1. Teresa

    I’m glad it was a hit. I found that there was no jiggle in the batter, either. I do want to try making Dorie’s granola, then reprising this cake and the biscotti from Dorie’s Cookies. I really liked both those recipes.



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