Chicken in red wine sauce page 177

img_3830I used up the whole bottle apart from one glass I drank myself.

I bought a Cote du Rhone as instructed.  I bought a very nice free ranch chicken over 2kg. and I marinated the lot for 48hours.  When it became time to cook the bird it had turned purple.



Here you can see everything shimmering in the Dutch oven I had to add almost half a bottle of red wine to make the wine come almost to the top of the chicken.  I then started on the pearl onion.  I did not drop them in a pot of boiling water I just peeled them.  I did cook them in a pot with butter, oil, water and vinegar but stopped seeing the point after 20 min and added everything to the big pot.



After about an hour I skimmed the fat off and added the coca powder which I almost forgot.  I served this with some baguettes and mashed potatoes on page 216.  The potatoes was one of the best I have ever had.  This recipe is so full of flavours and very good.  It is very time consuming and to my surprise very soupy.  Maybe if I do this one again I will take the lid off  half way through or add more flour.


As you have maybe noticed I have made some updates on my blog.  I took a seminar on World press and now have a little better understanding on how it works.

To see how the others did visit:


9 thoughts on “Chicken in red wine sauce page 177

  1. Emily

    Hi MJ, The white onions look good; but they are hard to come by over in my locale so I made do with shallots – pretty tasty too! Did you use bay leaves fresh from your garden? I made half a chicken in random pieces – enough for the two of us at home; and served it with mashed potato (not David’s) and country bread.


  2. betsy

    I like your blog’s new look, MJ. Your chicken looks delicious. I really enjoyed this. I will try to remember to try out the MPK recipe next time I make mashed potatoes.


  3. Katie from ProfWhoCooks

    Very nice, Margrèt! The blog is looking fantastic! I, too, will need to check out that mashed potato recipe. Fabulous! I say, pulling that chicken out of the marinade was very surprising. I wasn’t expecting that color, that’s for sure. Now I think it’s kind of funny how off-putting it is. 🙂 I agree also that the recipe is very soupy and I’m not the biggest fan of that aspect.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Chez Nana

    First, I love all your photos. Your chicken looks so delicious, especially with the onions and bacon. I could not find any onions so I just skipped that part of the recipe. We really enjoyed this recipe but after reading some comments, I would
    like to experiment with others.

    Liked by 1 person


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