Coffee créme brûlée page 253


I have been so busy that I have fallen behind on my blog.

I did créme brûlée  as a dessert for our Easter dinner.  I did not have any coffee flavored liqueur so I used Bailey’s.  We were 8 for dinner so I added a bit more cream and milk and one extra egg yolk.  I followed David’s instructions to the letter for making créme brûlée in ramekins.  I baked the custards for close to an hour and it was still a bit too jiggly but I took it out anyways.


This dessert tasted good and next time I will try vanilla flavored.  My family is a big vanilla fan.

David came to Iceland in the beginning of April.  I tried to contact him but he did not answer my mail or any comments via Instagram.  I was a bit sad since I´m the only one in this group from Iceland.  He went to dinner at Matur og drykkur where my stepdaughter works as a waiter and she said he was very nice, but still.

Like the french would put it:

J’espérais une réponse.

12 thoughts on “Coffee créme brûlée page 253

  1. Mardi (eat. live. travel. write.)

    Aw that’s too bad re: David but it looks from his social media that it was a bit of a whirlwind trip (and he is very private) so don’t take it personally. You can bet if I make it to Iceland, you’ll be first on my list of people to contact! I love a good crème brûlée and was sad that this didn’t set properly 😦


  2. shirley @ everopensauce

    Don’t worry, there are the rest of us, who would love to connect with you when we come to Iceland. In fact, that could happen as soon as the fall. I added an extra egg and reduced the custard mixture, that has worked for me.


  3. Nicole @ The 2nd 35 Years

    Awesome that is too sad. But, I am sure he was booked to the hilt, and surely if I ever made it to Iceland, or you ever made it to Florida, we would get together!


  4. Emily

    It would have been fun if the meetup materialized, but maybe the next time! Your creme brulee looks great! I now want some glass ramekins too!


  5. Katie from ProfWhoCooks

    That is disappointing re David! He does seem super private and is not like Dorie was with us. For that matter, a number of other cookbook writers: I cooked something from Diana Henry’s new book “Simple” and posted it on Instagram and she commented on my photo! Anyway, love your photos here and if/when we go to Iceland you will be on my list–it was an almost thing to spend an overnight this summer on our way to Scotland, but we ended up on another airline.


  6. betsy

    Bummer but he seems indifferent to our group, not like Dorie who was so engaged. Have no doubt that if I make it to Iceland, we will try to connect. Delicious looking creme brulees!

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