Multigrain bread page 241


I love making bread but it is so time consuming that I never give me time. Another reason I do not make my own bread:  I go to Brauð og Co if I´m not going to my local bakery.






I bought a salad blend and used it in the bread I did not bother with buying all the stuff David recommended.  To me this bread was too dry probably because I did not use bread flour but all purpose flour and whole flour.  This is the first time I use a starter and like in the no knead bread David uses so little of dry yeast, I really like that.



4 thoughts on “Multigrain bread page 241

  1. Teresa

    I’m glad I used the flours called for in the recipe – my bread isn’t too dry and I’m happy with the crumb. Yours looks quite good! And I understand the temptations of great bakeries – why bake bread when you can come home with such stellar loaves?

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    I agree with Teresa. I just don’t want to go to the effort of making bread not only because living in the high altitude usually means a “fail” but also because I can buy tasty bread quite inexpensively. In the past I made baguettes often and also experimented with different kinds of bread but it is time consuming. Plus and probably most importantly, baking bread for “1” is dangerous on the hips! Your bread, however, looks delicious and is very pretty.


  3. Emily

    Good height and nice texture in your loaf! Yes, we can get lovely wholesome bread outside of our kitchen, but once in a while, good to bake one! I adore Swiss Moments bread in Kuala Lumpur!



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