Hummus page 60


This was an easy make since I used canned chick peas.  It only took about 20 min.  Everything in the food processor and voilá.

I had to add more liquid and added some very cold water, water from the can and a bit more lemon juice.  If I were to do this again I would add more tahini and more lemon juice, I found this to be a bit blend.

7 thoughts on “Hummus page 60

  1. Chez Nana

    This was good, wasn’t it? I used canned chickpeas also since I always have them around. This is a great little recipe to have on hand for a quick dip for company.


  2. Emily

    Yes, so easy with canned chickpeas! I thought of using pinenuts too but went with pumpkin seeds instead. Mine was much less solid than yours.


  3. Katie from ProfWhoCooks

    I agree that it’s very easy with canned chickpeas! I ended up adding quite a bit more acid with the lemon juice and felt that the addition of the za’atar was really needed–so, yes, I agree it was a tad bland, but it was easy to doctor up!



    I also had to add more liquid, including lemon juice, and wish I had added more. I’ve always thought hummus to be a bit bland anyway, especially without adding roasted garlic. However, it’s better than store-bought, I now believe and we all know how to make adjustments. Had never made it before. Had you?


  5. Teresa

    I had to add more liquid to mine, too. This hummus is definitely a blank canvas for whatever you top it with – I went with dukkah (from My Paris Kitchen, as well) and smoked paprika, doused it with some good olive oil and then it was great.

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